Pictures of James

Studio photograph of James.  We don’t know when this was taken, but it was put into an oval frame and displayed in the living room.


The original of this picture was put on an official Post Card.  The back of the card said that the picture had been taken  at T. H. Everitt Studios, Crystal Palace, 63 Anerley Road, Upper Norwood.  RNVR stood for Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve, so the picture was obviously taken sometime during his training at Crystal Palace, between 25 July – 9 November 1916.


James is on the left in this picture.  We don’t know the names of the other two sailors.  Again, it was printed on an official Post Card.  The back records that the Studios were at 250 Commercial Road, Portsmouth.

He was in Portsmouth in January 1917, just before joining The Lady Olive.  After The Lady Olive was torpedoed in February 1917, he was back in Portsmouth, until he was posted to join the Lady Cory-Wright in April 917.  So we think the picture would probably have been taken in the spring of 1917.

james-matesFrom his dairy and letters, the two crewmen that he appears to have been closest to are Oliver Haigh and William White.

Oliver Haigh,  was an Able Seaman, aged 25, who was a few years older than James.  He was the son of Wilfred and Elizabeth Ann Haigh, who lived at Milnsbridge, Huddersfield.  Haigh was married to Nellie and they lived at 105, Spring Place, Manchester Road, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield. His name is commemorated on the Naval Memorial, on Plymouth Hoe.

William Ezra White was an Ordinary Seaman.  He was aged 29 and came from London and was married to Grace and they lived at 8 Swinburne Road, Abingdon, Berkshire.  He is commemorated on the Naval memorial at Chatham.  It would appear that Grace later re-married and became Mrs Spriggs.

Both were to have the same fate as James.

Look at the post for 28 September 1917, for a typical entry.