20 June 1917 – Starts the long voyage home

DIARY: Received orders for home. Picked up 4 pieces from Polshannon and left Mudros at 6pm in company with Rocket



We think this refers to RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) Polshannon.  The RFA were civilian manned ships that helped supply the Royal Navy and we know that RFA Polshannon was in Moudros at this time.  She was built in 1910 and came into war service in 1915, before being sold back to civilian life in 1921.

RFA Polshannon:


The writing in the diary is not clear, but we think the last ship James mentions is  HMS Rocket.

Finally, after being in the harbour of Moudros, on the island of Lemnos since 5 May, James was sailing for home.  He will get ashore in Portsmouth on 22 July, in 32 days time.


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