14 June 1917 – “Roll on England, I say”; family news.

14 June 1917 Thursday

Same address

Dear Mother & Father

They seem to have gone mad on mails for home. Another going in the morning.  It is obvious we are getting on.  The mail has arrived regularly now for a fortnight which I believe is somewhat of a coincidence.

I am getting along OK and am quite as merry & bright as a ?

(Note the trade mark over half the paper).

The contents of parcel are very decent and the mac toffee de luxe seems to be in general favour with all hands. The jellies always refuse to set so I crush them up with water and use them as a lemonade drink.  The cake is quite up to usual standard but you will have all Devonport after you if you smuggle grub out of England.

Today has been hot as usual and we have even been favoured with several spots of rain. You could almost count the number that came down.  Rumours are the order of the day and I don’t think it will be very long before we get under way.

Roll on England, I say and a few more days at home.

Glad the wedding passed off alright. Uncle is very lucky indeed and Auntie will be liked by us all I think.  She will have a task to take Auntie Ethel’s place.  I did think a lot of Poor Auntie and shall always remember her cheery smile when I passed every day en route for TBw’s.  Uncle will be very happy I am sure, and it will be better for all concerned.

Auntie Bessie & Uncle will miss Birt a good deal no doubt, but he will always be near, on the doorstep almost.

Tell Ellen & Snoope (1) to drop me a few lines, they seem to have almost forgotten how to write. I suppose Snoops is too busy to do anything except play.  Have you heard the result of school yet ?

I notice from the Gram & bag that another of my old masters has gone west in France.  Fry, he was a particular sort of man and a great friend of Merryweather’s. He will be greatly missed at MGS (2) and I was very sorry to hear that he has been killed.

You remember the transport going down. I saw her leave port and later learned that she had been torpedoed.

I must now close as it is almost time to turn in. Hoping all are well.

With love & kisses to all

Yours James

  1. Hope Grandma gets short note in last mail.

(1) Snoope – seems to be a nickname for his sister, Fanny

(2)MGS = Manchester Grammar School

James’s next post will be on 20th June.



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