4 June 1917 – Rumours of sailing soon

4 June 1917

Same Address

Dear Mother & Father

Today is Monday and it has again been very warm with a nice breeze. The mail leaves for home in the morning.  Another mail arrived this morning but it only contained one stray bag for the R.C.W. and the letters for myself were minus. I have only had one parcel up to now and the 2/2 book is still adrift.

Glad you are still able to get a fairly regular supply of Harpies. Mother will no doubt be able to manage A1 with her knowledge of grub preparation.  Has she given any more lectures ?

The Guardian has arrived with each mail and this time was accompanied by a supply of other welcome papers.

Glad of news of Walt Butt and Gregory who seems to have had very good luck so far.

You might ask Fanny to ask Miss Butterworth for Walters’s address. I suppose there has been a good deal of work & bustle for you, but I suppose things are quieter now.

I noticed the underlined passages in the papers but Fanny and John seem to have underlined one which I don’t savais. Ask Snookies to write what she meant in the next letter.

Had a letter from Reg S by last mail but I missed his last leave.

There is a rumour that we shall get underway for home before long but I shall believe it when we get the anchor up.

Must now close as it is almost suppertime.

Hoping all are well.

Love and kisses to all


James’s next post will be on 12th June.


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