3 June 1917 – A rare letter to Father

3 June 1917

Same address


Dear Father

Another fine letter to thank you for. You can bet I lookout especially for a few lines from you, with a few kisses from little John on the bottom. All letters are eagerly looked forward to but yours occupy first place along with mothers.  I am glad you are improving rapidly but you must take things easy.  The illness of Uncle R will no doubt try you a good deal, but we shall have to accept what is sent, and do the best we can.

Things seem to be upset a good deal at home and the cotton trade especially seems to be being hit very hard. The rationing of animals will cause you more trouble but everyone will have to work a little harder and perhaps things will alter sooner than we expect.

Mother gave me news of Uncle Sam and I have sent a note to Mrs Fraser by this mail, via you. You might forward it to whatever address she is at, at present.

I have also written to Mrs Neill but have heard nothing of John Bromley for a long time now.

It will be better I think to knock off the cake for the time being. We are in no way short of grub and have done very well for potatoes so far.

Will add something before next mail goes.

Love to all and tell John to write some more.



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