16 May 1917 – Unloading the cargo in Moudros Harbour

16 May 1917

Same Address

Dear Mother & Father

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still alive & kicking. We are still in harbour discharging our cargo.  I expect we shall remain here for a few weeks yet & then I suppose we shall pack up for home.  We are expecting a mail tomorrow but we have to write before it arrives in order to catch the homeward mail.  I will let you know later what I receive.

Things are pretty much the same with me & this place is not at all bad.

We are not allowed ashore but we do not miss much as there is nothing of importance to see.

The weather has been very rough and windy for the last three days bit I think it has taken up gain now. It has also been rather cold for the time of year, but I expect it will be all the warmer in a day or two and will make up for the spell of wind etc.

I shall only write when there is a mail going as it is useless writing at any other time.

There is very little to write about as one is so limited.

I hope that Mam & Dad will be alright & well again by the time you get this note. Let me know the dates of the letters you receive so that I shall know if any go astray.  Keep me posted up with all doings at home.  Has Olive * joined up yet ?

Hoping Girls and John are well. Remember me to all next door.

With best love & kisses to all


PS Don’t forget to send me some paper & envelopes at first opportunity.

*Olive was their servant / maid and it sounds as if she was thinking of joining the forces.


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