9 May 1917 – Busy Moudros harbour in Lemnos Island; sea planes; food shortages and illness at home.

09 May 1917

Same address

Dear Mother & Father

Our second mail arrived last night and your letters of April 15th / 19th & 23rd and also a couple of Guardians & the daily Sketch. I also had a letter from Charlie Hewett and it seemed to have been following me about for quite a long time.  It is a splendid letter and was typed out by himself.  I do not suppose we shall get so far as his dugout, as we are at the limit of our voyage now.  I got the registered parcel and I acknowledged its receipt in a previous letter.  I am sorry to say the parcel of cake etc has not yet arrived.  I will write you as soon as it arrives, but some of the fellows here are still waiting for their Christmas parcels.  The parcels always take longer than letters and I shall look out for the parcel in the next mail.

The mail is the only thing we have to look forward to and I don’t half devour the news. We are not allowed ashore here but there is nothing to see except a barren island. The harbour is quite pretty and there is a good deal of shipping here.  We get seaplanes up over us every day but this is a common sight in any harbour now.

From your letters I am almost afraid of returning to your English climate which seems to have the particular power of giving nasty complaints to the occupants of no 30.

You will have to take my place for a week or two & then no doubt you would soon be alright again. The good weather is in front of you so I hope by the next mail you will all, especially Ma & Dad, be A1 again.  Poor Dad has had a long spell this time, but a month at ** ought to do you both a world of good.

You seem to be feeling the Food Problem more, at home now. They have cut down our rations but it does not make much difference to us.

Do not worry any further about the watch wristlet.

I know that Smith will find your parcels most interesting and I think the fellows in France require them more than we do, as they seem to have a very rough time.

Glad Mrs Fraser & Father had a good time, though I suppose you would be in bed during the whole of the stay.

I had a letter from Ruth Pontington and she gives a very good account of the doings of the Lord of No 30. I am sure he will be a real cure by this and I often wonder what little capers he will be up to next.

The weather here still continues to be of the first order. It is sunshiny during the whole of the day and generally rather hot.  We have had very little wind so far and the only rain I have seen for over a fortnight fell a couple of days ago & then it only covered the deck.

This place will suit for a time but it will get dreary, no doubt, if we have to remain any length of time.

Well there is nothing more of note at the present so will close hoping that this finds the kiddoes all well & Ma & Dad as well as the weather will allow. Remember me to Dr Milne all next door, Auntie Berth & Uncle & all kind enquirers.

With love & kisses to all





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