7 May 1917 – James goes ashore and writes his first letter home since 10 April.

DIARY: Went ashore to get stores. Very barren island inhabited by Greeks


07 May 1917

Same address

Dear Mother & Father

We have now reached the end of our voyage & I expect we shall remain here for a short time. There is not much of importance except that the mails have been very irregular but I suppose that is only to be expected.  I believe the mails go about once a week from this place so I shall write once a week, in time to catch the mail.  We have only had one mail since leaving, but we expect another any time now.

You might send me a small box of Beechams next time you write.

The weather still continues to be very warm & lovely & I wish you could have a little of this sort of weather in England.

There has been practically no rain so far, so that is a change from Lancashire weather. You might send one a packet of writing paper & envelopes as there seems to be a difficulty  in getting things here.

It will seem strange not hearing from me for so long, but it cannot be helped and we shall have to give in to circumstances.

I am quite well and I hope that, by the time this reaches you, all will be well again. Many happy Returns of 31st to Ellen & Best Love & Kisses to all



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