9 April 1917 – Leaves Plymouth for Malta

DIARY: Left Sound at 2pm and proceeded down coast. Passed Corsand Bay, Falmouth and Lizard.  Escorted by the Tigress, a 35 knot destroyer.  Passed Lizard about 9pm.

diary-014-copy-5James sails west from Plymouth, passing Cawsands.

HMS Tigress was a destroyer of the Royal Navy that served during WWI. She was built under the 1910–11 shipbuilding programme and was launched on 20 December 1911.  HMS Tigress was assigned to the First Destroyer Flotilla, which became part of the Grand Fleet at the outbreak of WWI.  On 24 January 1915, she was present at the Battle of Dogger Bank with the First Destroyer Flotilla.  Tigress was sold on 9 May 1921 to Ward o Milford Haven, Wales for breaking.

HMS Tigress:


James and The Lady Cory Wright left Plymouth, bound for Malta, via Gibraltar, most probably carrying munitions, mines and torpedoes.

He sailed past Lizard Point, oblivious to the fact that this would have such significance later.


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