7 April 1917 – Rumours of sailing to Malta

This would be James’s last letter for a month.  He would not be able to send another letter until 7th May 1917.

7 April 1917

Same address

Easter Sunday

Dear Mother & Father

Many thanks for your two registered letters which arrived together yesterday. The watch has stopped a time or two but I hope it won’t give any more trouble.  I have not been able to get the few things you wanted but will try again later on.  I shall have to keep watch for 9 hours a day so that will only be one hour more. The weather down here has been very rough lately but there has not been much snow.  Good Friday, yesterday & today have been lovely but we have not been allowed ashore.  I suppose the next mail for me will be in Gibraltar.  I don’t know where we are bound for but Malta is rumoured as one destination.

I don’t mind at all but it would have been better to go out for the winter. Everyone seems to be in the wars with colds etc but perhaps now the better weather is coming you will soon be alright.  Poor Dad is in the wars and it will be strange for him to have to stay indoors so long.

Harry Hey is in the soup now at any rate but it would shake DB up a bit if they dumped him over the water. I think we go tomorrow, Monday, but hope we shall be back before too long.

Smith has gone on a trawler & also Davies who has gone to the Trawler Marconi. They both expect going to the White Sea, Russia.

Hoping you have a good Easter

We have splendid grub here & as much as you can eat.

Best love to all & a kiss for John.

Your loving son


PS Get me Hawkhead Wireless Book & send it on as I have no chance to get it here. J




DIARY: In Sound.


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