1st April 1917 – Joins HMS Lady Cory Wright in Plymouth

01 April 1917


J Simpson

O/T Operator

HMS Lady Cory Wright

c/o GPO


Dear Mother & Father

I arrived in Devonport about 9 PM last evening and proceeded to Barracks. I left the Barracks at 11 AM this morning and joined the ship.  The view of Plymouth & Devonport from the sea is a splendid one as also is the whole harbour.

The famous Plymouth Hoe is also splendid & I only hope I shall get a run ashore & have a good look round before we go to sea.   I have been installed in my new home and it is a very comfy little place, I am quite on my own in this sparkers branch & from what I can see I shall have full charge of the gear.

I have two bunks and a little wardrobe & I am going to have a small table put in. I have linoleum on the floor and I ought to be pretty comfortable.

Now about this ship. She is rather a big ship 3 or 4 times as big as my last and the Wireless has only just been put on her.  She is at present engaged in carrying munitions and she goes usually to the Mediterranean.  She is one of the Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary vessels and I am very thankful that she is not one of my last class.  Do not worry in the least about me as I think I shall be far safer here than formerly.  I understand that we are to sail next week and I probably shall go to Malta.  I rather like the prospect but should prefer a wireless mate.

I am all merry & bright & I am quite satisfied with her. The crew have made me very welcome & the officers also have all been to see if I am satisfied & if things are in order.  It is quarterly settlement next Friday but I don’t suppose I shall get any money until May 1st.  Up to now I am alright and think I shall manage up to then.  All I have drawn is 2/- since returning.  I think it will be advisable not to send any perishables if they reach me after Friday or Saturday at the very latest, as I don’t know my ultimate destination.  I will write as often as possible and let you know how things are.  Don’t worry about me as I shall be alright & and all we can hope for is that the war may soon be over.  Send on a watch as soon as possible after you get this note.

Will write again later. Hoping Dad is getting on alright.  Best love to all



DIARY: Joined Lady Cory Wright off breakwater in Plymouth Sound. Splendid view of Devonport, Plymouth and the Hoe.

diary-014-copyThe Lady Cory Wright was to be James’s third and final ship.  She was built in 1906 in Sunderland and was used to carry coal.  When the war broke out she was requisitioned and became a Royal Fleet Auxiliary Mine Carrier.  She was probably named after the wife of the first Baronet, Sir Cory Francis Cory-Wright, a businessman who lived from 1838-1909.  She was 2,516 tons and was 95m long, 13 m wide and had a draught of 6m.lady-cory-wright


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