31 March 1917 – New posting comes through

31 March 1917


10.45 AM


Dear Father & Mother

I am now on immediate draft and have to get on the move at noon. They came on me suddenly as I expected just after Breakfast this morning.  I passed the doctors immediately and they have just informed me I am off to Devonport to join the Lady Cory Wright.  She is one of the marine auxiliary fleet and whether she is a Q boat or not I cannot say.  I will let you know what she is as soon as I pick her up.  Some of my chums say she is an armed liner & some say a Q boat.  I am saying nothing until I have seen what she is.  I hope she is an armed liner but whatever she is I shall take things smiling & do my best.  I have a long train journey before me but I am getting quite used to travelling.

Smith has picked up a trawler running out of here but Davies has heard nothing up to now.

I got the parcel with cake etc last night but the washing only arrived this morning so that is very lucky. I must thank Dad very much for his excellent letter and his excellent parcelling up.

I am very sorry he is so ill but he will soon be well again, no doubt, if he takes things easier for a day or two. Sorry the men are so unreliable. They ought to take a turn in this regiment and they would waken up a bit then.

Give my best respect to Mrs Fraser & Father when they arrive.

Harry H has had scant time for training but he will be merry & bright wherever he is. The news came through about my transfer and the result was that it was noted.  I take it that it was washed out but one never knows.  I will take care of myself so don’t worry.

A chum has been down & tells me I am going via Salisbury & then change.  Will write as soon as I know anything further.

Hoping Dad will soon be well again & that all the rest are quite well.

Best love to all


19170331-119170331-2DIARY: Left Portsmouth at 1.30 for Devonport via Salisbury to join HMS Marine Fleet Auxiliary Lady Cory Wright.  Stayed night in Devonport Barracksdiary-013-copy-5-copy-copy-copydiary-014-copy-copyThe entrance to Devonport Barracks, today the home of HMS Drake:

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