15 March 1917 – On HMS Amphitrite in Portsmouth

DIARY: On Amphitrite which along with Diadem & Argonaut are overflow ships for Barracksdiary-013-copy-5-copy-copy

HMS Diadem was the lead ship of protected cruiser in th Royal Navy.  Diadem was built by Fairfield Shipbuilding & Engineer at Govan and launched on 21 October 1896 Diadem served in WWI with her sisters. In 1914 the vessel was used as a stokers’ training ship, and was placed in reserve in October 1915. She was returned to being a stokers’ training ship in January 1918, and survived the war to be sold for breaking up on 9 May 1921.


HMS Argonaut was also in the same Cruiser class and was vuilt at Govan and launched in 1898.  During the WWI Argonaut was part of the 9th Cruiser Squadron, operating in the Atlantic. The squadron was stationed off Cape Finisterre from August 1914 to July 1915. While a part of this unit, Argonaut captured the German merchant ship Graecia. In 1915 she was converted to a hospital ship at Portsmouth and in 1918, to an accommodation ship.  She was sold to Ward of Milford Haven on 18 May 1920 and arrived there for breaking up on 4 September 1921.


In March 1917, when James is in Portsmouth, these two ships, along with HMS Amphitrite are being used as overflow accommodation ships for Portsmouth Barracks.


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