14 March 1917 – Posted to HMS Amphitrite, in Portsmouth Harbour, waiting to be sent to his next ship

14 March 1917

J Simpson

Mess 28

HMS Amphitrite


Dear Mother & Father

I arrived back shortly after 11 this morning. I just missed a train for Euston at 10.30 PM & had to wait till 11.55 PM.  When we arrived back we were all sent to the above address. We are here awaiting draft and we lie at anchor off Portsmouth.  I do not expect to be here very long, not above a week at the most.  But one never knows what they will do with you next.  All the crew are in the same mess & I have already seen two old Palace chums here.  She is an old man-o-war & is used as an overflow ship for the Barracks.  Have had a very good time & hope that I shall be home again before very long.

With best love to all




DIARY: Arrived back in barracks at 12 noon and drafted to HMS Amphitrite to await further draft.


HMS Amphitrite was a ship of the Diadem class of Cruiser which served in WWI.  She was built at Vickers Ltd, in Barrow in Furnace and launched on 5 July 1898.   In 1914 she was part of the Ninth Cruiser Squadron, serving in the Atlantic.

In June 1915 she was placed in reserve. Anchored in Portsmouth harbour, she could house sailors waiting to be drafted to their next ship.

She was reactivated as a minelayer in 1917. She collided with the destroyer HMS Nessus in the North Sea on 8 September 1918, which sunk Nessus. She was later assigned to the Nore Command and survived the war to be sold to Ward of Milford Haven for breaking up on 12 April 1920.

Amphitrite had the nickname ‘am and tripe amongst her crew based on a reference to the food which might be served on board


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