23 January 1917 – Getting ready to go to sea

23 January 1917

J Simpson

W/T Operator

HM Carrier Q18


c/0 GPO London


Dear Father & Mother

Things are much the same here but we have not yet made a move to sea. The weather has been very cold indeed but I hope it will be a little warmer before long.

I met another old chum of mine yesterday, Moorhouse who was at Milford with me.  He had come to join a trawler running out of here.  Waygood, Moorhouse & myself spent last evening together with some relations of Waygood & had a very nice time together.  It took us quite a time to explain our many moves to each other.  About 10 of the chaps I knew at the Palace are going to the West Indies so they are going to see something.

We have been fixing our aerial wires up today & are going to have a new dynamo put in. Things are getting ship shape now & I don’t think we shall be long before we push off now. Did you get my bag from Milford ?

I have written again to the Station Master at Swansea about my purse & expect a reply in a day or two.

Hoping all are well at home

With best love to all




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