21 January 1917 – a friend has a lucky escape.

21 January 1917

J Simpson

Q18 Co GPO London


Dear Mother & Father

There is not much of importance at the moment save that it is rumoured that we go out on trials on Monday or Tuesday. I will keep you posted up as far as possible with my doings.

I don’t know if I told you that I had met an old Palace friend of mine called Waygood. He has been very lucky.  He went to join a trawler at Plymouth and missed her by a couple of hours.  Unluckily she was blown up and only 2 hands were saved.  It was a very lucky escape for him, was it not ?  He is now in charge of a trawler running out of here.  I went aboard his ship this morning and he has a very nice cabin.

Smith my chum on board has gone home for the week-end to Southend on Sea. Davies is on duty in the telephone hut and I am ashore today (Sunday).  I am afraid there will be more discipline here than on the trawlers but I don’t think we shall be interfered with much.

We have had pretty decent grub so far and when everything gets settled finally I think we shall have a pretty decent time.

Hoping you are all well.

Remember me to all next door. Best love to all



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