11 December 1916 – Lying up in Milford Haven; this is a lazy life.

11 December 1916

HMS Nodzu

Dear Mother & Father

Your letters posted Friday night reached me Sunday morning. I understand from your letters that you had sent 2 parcels & when one only arrived I wondered where the other had got to.  However I am glad you got it back safely from Cardiff and I shall expect to receive it repacked in a day or two.  Parcels don’t arrive as quickly as letters. I sent off my washing on Sat night wrapped in the oil sheet with a gum label on.  If you could send a gum label on in each parcel it would save a lot of trouble.

H Holden has done very well & must have deserved his award. Glad to hear about Tom & Arthur Newport.  They will have been quite busy at Park Hall with Tom at home & it is a pity you did not get to see him.

I have written to Joe Lomas about the coat but perhaps you got the wrong address on W Butterworth’s letter.  It is

O/S W Butterworth

A13 class m22115

HM W/T School C Palace

If it does not turn up in a day or two I will write Walter myself.

We have had a lovely day today and are lying in Milford Stream. Our job is so uncertain.  We have no fixed time for coming in or going out.  My chums are on patrol or mine sweeping all the time and are out for 6 days, for 2 days so they know just when they will be in & out.  I don’t but ours is the most interesting job so it does not matter much.  I said this is a lazy life so it is.  There is your watch to do when you are at sea & when you are off duty it is nice to go on deck if the sea is not running too high.  In harbour we have nothing at all to do but I can always find some little job to do & can fill my time to advantage.

Frank Ashton is like the bad 1/2d but which Sam do you mean ? Uncle Sam ? He is going to write me about his bus.  Which bus ?

We were in harbour Sunday but were not allowed to go ashore but I shall have to put up with it.

I have written Mrs Matthews thanking her for the parcel. There is nothing more of note at the moment so good night.  Best love to all & a kiss for John for his letter.

Tell Fanny that is more than she has written me.


19161211-e19161211-119161211-219161211-319161211-4 DIARY: Proceeded to Longships for salvage vessel at 10pm (Ranger)


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