8 December 1916 – Off Ireland; Canadian troops arriving.

8 December 1916



Dear Mother

We arrived back in Milford this morning at 9.30 AM after our trip to Liverpool. There was a dense fog over all the time and we could scarcely see anything, in fact I never saw New Brighton Tower.  We stayed a whole day but did not get ashore although we were tied up to the main jetty.  Part of the crew got ashore at 5 until 9 Thursday evening but I let Joe go ashore as he had never been in Liverpool before & I stayed aboard & did the watch.

We saw a big Canadian transport bring in 2000 Canadians & a good number of ships set their sirens & hooters blowing to welcome them. The Guardian & news have arrived but the two parcels are still adrift.  If I get ashore I will make enquiries about them.

Poor Merryweather it is indeed bad news & I am very sorry for he was such a straight chap & would stand no fooling. I will certainly thanks the Womens Union myself as soon as the parcel comes to hand.  I am not in need of anything & the cake is the best thing you can send it is much better than buying cake here it has no body in it & never tastes like your cake.

Glad Ellen is making herself useful but tell Fanny she must buck up.

You did jolly well at your jumble sale and I hope your cake does well. Dad seems to like Sunday work.  I wish he would come & work my Sundays for me & then he would appreciate them a little.

We touched North Arlow, Wicklow & Waterford Counties but could only see the coastline.  I will write Joe Lomas about the coat at once it’s a fine way of repaying anyone for doing him a little service.

I am now eating all before me and feeling quite well & very hearty.

I should get some photos from Whitehead I like them best. Don’t worry about the Navy now Beatty has the strings.  He’s the chap we want & given a free hand he will do the trick.

I must not say anything definite about my leave until I get it certain then I will wire you but it will be very near Xmas. Hoping all are well

Love to all



DIARY: Arrived back Milford 7.30 AM & into Dock for repairs.

Stayed in dock the next day too.


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