5 December 1916 – Trevose Head, Cornwall; Liverpool. A hardened Salt.

5 December 1916

Off Liverpool


Dear Mother & Father

We were called out last Sunday morning & put to sea immediately at 2.30 AM. We proceeded on patrol duty to Trevose Head off Cornwall and remained there all Sunday.  We were recalled later and arrived back early on Monday morning.  We were ordered out again to tow a windbag to Liverpool and we have just arrived off Mersey Bar at 5.20PM Tuesday.

Towing is a slow job and we have not done more than 6-7 knots an hour. Our wire hawser parted last night and this delayed us a couple of hours.

I thought it best not to ask for leave to go ashore as we might be recalled any minute. This letter will be posted by one of our hands who row the Lieutenant ashore.  We may not be allowed ashore at all and it would be a risk to rush home for a few minutes.  However I hope to see all at Christmas & that is not long to wait.

We have had a very pleasant trip up and the sea has been very calm. There has been a good deal of mist over the and but I got a good view of Red Wharf Bay, Holyhead & the Skerries.  I think I have now become a hardened salt and I can eat like a horse now.

I have not received any word from you for a few days now, but probably there will be something for me when we get back to Milford.

There is nothing more of note at present so will close hoping all are quite well.

Best love to all



DIARY: Towing QM to Liverpool; arrived at 9.30 pm



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