22 November 1916 – Letter to Sister Ellen.

22 November 1916

J Simpson O/Tel

HMS Nodzu

Milford Haven

Dear Ellen

I will write you a letter as you request. First of all don’t put c/o GPO London on my letters as it takes them far longer to come.  Your letters is nicely put together but just take a little care in spelling peoples names.  I am glad that you had a good time at the social & that such a substantial amount was realised. The prizes did not seem to be very valuable.

Send me a photo along also one or two of myself. I have got 2 comforters so I shant want any more.

It was very funny where the 10/- note went to. I am glad you had such a good time at your reunion services.  Tell Dad to let me know all about his new Stags.  We have a little stove in a cabin next to ours and we can go & warm ourselves there if we feel cold.  We have free run of the ship and can go anywhere.  I have written to Pulling & expect a reply in a day or two.  We are still in the Haven but expect going to sea immediately.  Sometimes we are out a week at once so don’t be alarmed if you don’t get a note for a few days.  I will write as often as possible and keep you posted up with my doings.

Poor little Charles would have been 7 years old today, November 22nd.

Wish mother “many happy returns of November 7th”.  I thought about her but kept forgetting to mention it in my letters.

Write me again in a few days.

Love to all





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