20 November 1916 – Still in Milford Haven; too rough to sleep in hammock.

DIARY: Still in docks for Coal & water

20 November 1916

HMT Nodzu



Dear Father & Mother

We are still at Milford but expect going to sea a day or two.  We came into Dock yesterday Sunday morning and are still in.  We took in about 100 tons of coal and a fresh supply of water.

Our wireless gear is being repaired & we hope that it will be alright next trip. I am sending on the washing which you can return as soon as it is washed.

You may not be able to get all the dirt out but just do your best.

I see some of my Palace friends when I go ashore & it is very nice to have a chat with them. We get our letters whenever we put into port.

I am not much in love with South Wales weather & I think it is even worse than Lancashire weather. Milford is a very hilly place but on the whole it is not a bad place at all.  There is quite a Belgian colony here & a good many Belgian fishing vessels.  I much prefer sleeping in my hammock to my bunk but this is not possible as you would never be able to stay in the hammock owing to the roll of the ship.  We expect going into Dock about December 20th for overhaul & then we should get a leave.  Anything might happen but it is quite possible that I shall be home by Christmas.  I very much want to be but circumstances might alter things a little.  However I hope to be home then & to see all quite well.

Best Love to all




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