27 October 1916 – Mother decides not to visit London; Final Tests; going to Billingsgate Market.

27 October 1916


Same Address

Dear Mother & Father

I am very sorry indeed that you have not been able to come down & see me at home (?). It would have been a fine experience for you but I don’t see how it is possible now.  However Mother, we will make time if we get another chance whether Dad falls in with the idea or not.  I am writing this in the class room just after our last test.  We got Electricity & Buzzer yesterday & Sending this morning.  Although I don’t know any results as yet I can safely say that I got through.  I know I have done fairly well on Elect & Buzzer & one of the best in the class on Sending.

Just tell Uncle Jim that they sent our test at 23 words per minute for English Prose & 24 WPM for French prose, some speed. Immediately I know the results I will let you know them. I am off to Cramptons this evening & hope to have a good time with them.  I will take Phyllis & Norman a toy each.  I am going to Billingsgate Market either tonight or Saturday morning to see an uncle of Willie Higgins.  It is a horrid day today, raining in torrents.

I have got a photo for Alf & also one for Mrs Bennett. I shall be home next Thursday evening on my draft leave after which we go to sea.  Don’t worry about this at all as all the letters I have seen from fellows who have gone from here are very bright.

I had a letter from Maggie Roberts the other day and I have seen her friend Bottoms many times since I first found him. He will go to sea with our draft.  So much for this note, will write from Cramptons on Sunday.  Hoping all are well.

Love to all


PS Your letter & note 10/- just to hand by this post.



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