24 October 1916 – Been listening to Zeppelins signalling to each other; final Tests tomorrow.

24 October 1916

J Simpson

4383 H.8 Class

HM W/T School (Wireless / Transmission)

Crystal Palace

Dear Mother & Father

I am still going along alright. My cold has practically left me now.  I feel my tooth occasionally but that wretched dentist gave me a rotten time.  I got your parcel Monday noon & contents are as interesting as usual.  I also got a letter today Tuesday.  My shirt is quite aired.  I suppose Dad had a good time at Carlisle & I am pleasantly surprised that he stayed so long.  He was in his own element so I am sure he had a good time.  I don’t think you had Zepps as you expected but I was on watch last night & got most fumy stuff (in the Silent Cabinet).  The Petty Officer in charge said it was several Zepps signalling to one another.  You cant make any sense out of it as it all comes in figures or block letters.  I knew Fred M was due home &J Lomas & W Butterworth were also home.  Don’t send much cake next week-end as I shall be home the Thursday following on my draft leave.

Our final exams start tomorrow. We get electricity tomorrow Wednesday & Sending & Receiving on Thursday.  Let me know at once if you are coming down this week-end so that I can let Cramptons know whether I can go to spend this week-end with them or not.

I will let you know how I get on with tomorrow’s exam. I will get you a broach also Olive when I come home.  I am glad to know that Ellen is doing better at her lessons, but tell Fanny she must buck up too.

Hope your teeth will soon be alright.

Good night & best love to all






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