10 October 1916 – Two Letters: Thinking about a commission; been to swimming baths. More Leave

10 October 1916

Dear Mother & Father

Am still quite well & hearty and just going on as usual. Buzzing as usual with the usual lectures I am now getting a small insight into the intricacies of Receiving & Transmitting gear which is very a complicated subject.  I have done another watch in the Silence Cabinet today but got nothing of interest.  I got a reply from George M and it is a very nice letter.  I will bring it when I come on leave.  He says by all means carry on if I am keen in that direction but advises me to consider well before doing anything serious in the matter.  I have decided not to do anything until I see how I like Sea life then I shall be better able to judge for myself.  He says that is rather a hard job to get a commission but says he will do all he can should in take the matter any further.  It is very kind of him & will write thanking him.  He wishes to be remembered to all at home.  We have been to the swimming baths this afternoon & it was very decent.  Our final exam at 20 words per minute will take place a fortnight next Thursday.

Hoping all are well at home

Best love to all



PS Will send shirt next Saturday but did not send one off this week.


The last batch of cake is easily the best so far & is the very best I have tasted.


00010001James then wrote a 2nd letter:

10 October 1916

Dear Mother

I have decided to come home for the week end. I shall then have my final Draft leave 3 weeks after.  I might as well come as I shall not have the chance when I get afloat and I have plenty of money so am alright.  I shant bring much washing home & have me a collar ready as I might want to put my civvies on.  Tell Dad that he need not meet me if it will be any trouble but I can manage alright alone.

Am quite well & hope everyone at MJ are the same.

Best Love


19161010-319161010-4James probably went home on leave from Friday 13 October, probably just for the weekend, returning to Crystal Palace on Sunday 15 October.


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