8 October 1916 – Final Test in a fortnight, then draft leave and posted to first ship; been to the National Art Gallery.

8 October 1916



Dear Mother

I got your parcel continuing shirt & collar Friday noon and your parcel of grub this morning. Thanks you very much for everything especially for the apples which are very good indeed.  You may not be in any hurry about sending the blankets as I am quite warm at night up to now.  How have the photos come out ?  I have had no reply from Geo Matthews yet & there is time yet for the reply to arrive.  I am sorry Dad is having such a hard time.  It will be worse now than formerly & it was bad enough then.  Our final exam is a fortnight next Tuesday.  I stand a decent chance of getting through.  We get our final leave from this depot the following Thursday but one until Tuesday morning.  We shall be sent to Patrol vessels and trawlers.  We cannot pick our own port but just go where we are sent.  So far as I can see there is nothing to be afraid of & you get a fairly decent time on board.  I have been on watch in the Silent cabinet this morning from 8 till 10.  I picked up Greenwich time at 10 o’clock. It is sent by wireless from the Eiffel Tower (Paris) and it can be picked up by stations all over Europe.  Things are much the same & the weather has taken up again.  I have been wondering whether to come home again next week-end.  I shall get next week-end off, then a fortnight after.  I shall get my final leave on the Thursday following so it will be very near together.  I think it will be better to wait until my draft leave.  I don’t think I shall bother about a commission as wireless is interesting enough.  I will see a bit about life aboard & then I shall be able to judge better.  I hope all are quite well at home.  I am quite alright, don’t worry about me Mother.  I can take care of myself.  I went to the National Art Gallery yesterday & saw some splendid paintings.

Best wishes & love to all


PS The parcel arrived in splendid condition.




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