20 September 1916 – Up to 16 words/ minute; looking forward to leave in 9 days time.

20 September 1916


Dear Mother & Everybody

Just a line to let you know that I am still going on as usual. We are going strong with the Buzzer and it is coming more naturally to me now.  I got 86% marks at 16 words per min today.  We get a lecture on Electricity and the instruments used in Wireless telegraphy about every day from the Chief Wireless Officer.  I think I shall be able to pull through alright.  I have met Joe Lomas & Walter Butterworth and will be able to put them in the run of things a bit.

We have now got a new instructor who has served 18 months on board and he has come from a mine-sweeper & says it is very interesting work. He has told us a good deal & take it all round I don’t think there is much to be afraid of.  I shall be home all being well on Sept 29th.  They have knocked us ½ an hour of our leave and now instead of getting away at 4.30 PM, we only get away at 5.  I may not be bale to get the Euston 6-5PM but can try for it, failing this I shall catch the 6.25 St Pancras.

Send me a Railway guide down as I cannot get a decent one here. I hope to see Fred Matthews when I come up.  I hope all are well at home.  I will bring some more washing home but tell Dad not to trouble meeting the train as I can manage myself.  Of course he can do it if he wishes to but it will be less trouble for him if he does not.  This is all so good night & best love to all



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