18 September 1916 – Got to get to 20 words/minute.

Dear Mother

Many thanks for parcel, Book and note which came to hand intact this morning (Monday). It would have been delivered yesterday but I was away at Crampton’s where I had a very nice time.  My marks were not so bad but they are really nothing to make a fuss about.  I am glad Uncle Jim likes the result.  10 words a minute is nothing to me now.  We today started our 2nd months class and led off with 17 words a minute.  I managed fairly well and at our daily test at 15 words I did one of the best.  It pays you to stick it for if you don’t get through you are sent as a common or garden sailor as we term it.  It was kind of Uncle Jim to give me the change for “my own check”.  I suppose Arthur Newport has been with you this week end.  Had I known sooner I would have come this week end instead of next weekend so as to see him.  Jack need not be afraid of a short holiday he is safe enough.  You can expect me home next weekend but one all being well.  I have written Uncle Ernest and given him this date.

The shirt is much better this time & is certainly & is certainly nicer to wear. I will let you know how I find Joe Lomas but that will be later tonight.  I enclose a letter from Mrs Fraser and you might keep it for me.  This is all this post so good night and best love to all.


PS Tell Uncle Jim we have to get to 20 words a min by the end of the 2nd month; some speed.



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