16 September 1916 – Staying with The Cramptons in Wembley; been to Kew Gardens and Richmond.

16 September 1916

26 Copeland Road


My Dear Mother & Father

You will see from the address that I am staying the week end with Mr & Mrs Crampton. I am having a very pleasant stay and Mr Crampton & family are all very well.  I got your note saying that you were going to send off the Book & 10/- note.  I will look out for those on Monday when I get back.  I went to Kew Garden & Richmond this morning.  Both are very beautiful places especially Kew Gardens.  There are all kinds of beautiful trees 7 flowers in abundance and the whole of the gardens are kept splendidly. Richmond is a favourite rendezvous of the Londoners but there were few people on the river this morning.  We are going to Harrow tomorrow Sunday to see the famous school.  I hope you are all well and don’t forget to make a note of next week end but one.

Love to all



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