14 September 1916 – Test Results put James 35th out of 100; can go on to 2nd month of training.

14 September 1916

My dear Mother & Father

I can now give you the results of my exams and from my point of view they are highly satisfactory. I have got 178 marks out of a possible of 195 and as this works out to about 90%, I cannot grumble much at the result.  The following is the table

Semaphore                           Possible 60               my total 60

Buzzer Group of letters       30                                25

Buzzer Figures                     15                                15

Buzzer Prose                        30                                21

Magnetism                            10                                9

Electricity                               50                                48

Total                                       195                             178

My position is 14th in my own class which is the best junior class in the school and I am 35th position in the whole junior school of about 100 students so this is quite good for the first time.  I therefore go forward to the 2nd months instruction & I hope to do even better with a bit of luck.  I have received a letter from the Manc Tech which I enclose.  It states that they are keeping awards open for men who are on service so I shall be able to make use of it when I return to civi life again.  I am going on alright up to the present and if I can pass all the 3 wireless tests I shall have a pretty easy time of it.  Joe Lomas is due up on Monday next.  I will look out for the Mersey draft then & will perhaps be able to put him in the run of things.  Walter Butterworth is also due up (the clerk from the Times).  I intend to go to Crampton’s tomorrow Friday but have not received a reply to my letter.  Some bloke has lifted my jack – knife and I shall have to find another which will cost me 1/8d.  Anything you leave about takes legs and very kindly walks away.  You can expect me home next week end but one Sept 29th and you will let Uncle Ernest and Auntie Nellie know the date as they might like to have a shock.  We have done very little Wireless work this week owing to the exams but we start in earnest next Monday at 15 words a minute.

Let John Bromley know the date is the 29th and if there is anything to the contrary I will let you know.  I am just going to put a bit of extra work on the Buzzer so will close with best love to all





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