13 September 1916 – Waiting for Test Results.

13 September 1916

Dear Mother & Father

Well our test for the first month is now completed. The results have not yet been read out but I think I stand a decent chance of going forward to my second months instruction. The Buzzer was my worst point.  In Semaphore I have done well, I know and quite good on Electricity & Magnetism.  On the 3 tests combined I think I ought to average 80% so this is not so bad. You remember Joe Lomas bunging me a Wireless book to let me look at.  It is wireless Telegraphy by Hawkshead & I think the cost is 3/6.  It is used a lot by the advanced class & will be most useful to me so you might get it & send it me on as soon as possible.  It will do if you could send it down by Joe Lomas on Monday next.  Things are very uneventful from day to day but I am pushing along merrily and am looking forward to another visit home 3 week ends hence. Love to all



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