10 September 1916 – Received prizes from Manchester Technical School; more exams.

10 September 1916

Dear Father & Mother

Many thanks for parcel to hand Sunday morning. It was a bit broken and one of the ends came out on the way from the P.O.  The blue has run a bit on the shirt.  The only way to prevent the colour running is to keep the blue under water all the time and then hang the shirt, with the neck downwards.  I was surprised to learn of the death of Leigh but pleasantly surprised to know that many honours have been won by local soldiers.  I am very pleased to receive the report from the Manc Tech School.  You will see that I have won an award worth £2 which enables me to go to the 2nd year’s course free of charge.  I must have got an average of over 66 2/3 marks in all subjects so it shows that I am not such a dud after all.  Only 3 have got the award as you will have noticed out of the 7, and the others will have to fork £2 out for next years course.  This is better than a smack in the eye but perhaps I shall be able to do the same on other occasions in the future.  I shall not be able to take advantage of the award as I am past down here but I believe they leave the award open for men who are on Service.  I have written to the Principal to see if this is the case & will let you know the result.  I hope my Wireless results will be even better but that remains to be seen.  I saw Mr and Mrs Bennett Sunday morning & I have to go to see them again at the first opportunity.  I am very likely off to see Alf Crampton on Friday night next and hope to have a good time with them.  As regards cash this is how I stand. 22/6 in the Bank and about 10/- in my pocket so I am not short at the present.  The old mac will come in useful when I am washing (no smiles please).  Ask Uncle Sam to drop me a line and say how he likes the mac.  You ask was my leave worth losing a night’s sleep for by all means it was and I shall lose a few more nights sleep if there is any chance of getting home.  We have had two exams today, one in Wireless Buzzing & the other in Semaphore.  I think I have got all the marks possible on Semaphore and don’t think I have done at all badly on the Buzzer.  I dare say I shall get between 70 & 80% and this should carry me through.  The results will be known later but I will let you know my results.  We get an exam tomorrow on Electricity & I stand a fair chance at this.  However that remains to be seen.  I have just received the Guardian & am glad to know that Fred has got back.  Will he still be at home when I next come on leave?  I should very much like to see him.  This will be on Sept 29th.  I hope everyone is alright at MJ.  I am feeling very well & don’t mind the life much but naturally I would much sooner be at home.  Still I am not grumbling in the least & should not like to be sent home before the job is finished.  The hardest part is the first month but this over anyone with any heart at all ought to fall into the ****.  This is the lot for this note so I will pack up with

Best love to all




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