09 September 1916 – Good YMCA food; trip to Regents Park Zoo; Test results put James mid way in the class.

9 September 1916 Saturday

Usual address Mess 50

My Dear Mother & Father

I am writing this note in one of the YMCA huts in London where a friend & myself have just had tea or rather a feed.  It is called the Shakespeare Hut & is really a most splendid place.  There is going to be a concert later on and so we are staying to it.  I paid 1/- 5 ½ for my feed but by jove it would have been worth it at double the price.  I had ham & eggs & buttered toast, tea & two lots of fruit Salad and Bread & Butter so I am feeling very satisfied.  We went to the Regents Park Zoo and had a decent time.  We had a good laugh at a couple of monkeys.  They had become entangled in a hopeless mess with a bobbin of thread some kind friend had provided them with.  Their antics were very amusing and I had a real good laugh at the poor blights expense.  The Palace is practically the same from day to day just the same routine as previously.

My percentages at the last 3 tests have been 68, 79 & 73.5% at 11, 12 & 13 words per minute respectively.

It ought to be much better but if I can get these results I shall stand a far chance of getting through. My position in the class is about ½ way down but all the big guns have had previous experience.  I sent you a shirt & socks to wash this afternoon & I trust they will arrive in due course.  We got a very good idea of London from a bus top and it is a very busy place indeed.  I shall have another leave next week-end & shall very likely spend it with Alf Crampton.  The following week-end but one you may expect me at home all being well.  I send Uncle Sam an Oilskin on and he gave me £1 to get it with.  It cost me 16/2 and 7d for postage so he wants 3/3 change.  If you could let him have this it would save me sending it to him.  This is all for the present so I will close with best love to all. James


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