30 August 1916 – Can receive at 8 words/minute; more Lancashire recruits have arrived.

30 August 1916 (?)

J Simpson O S M Z 1831

No 50 Mess Wireless School Class A8

RN Depot Crystal Palace

Dear Mother

Many thanks for letter which arrived last evening. I am going on fairly well in the Wireless School and can receive fairly well at 8 words per min.  The test may not be taken tomorrow but after a month when our speed has to be 12 words a min.  I think I shall get through but as the subject is entirely new it is no easy mater.  This I can say, that the lads at 18 pick the thing up more quickly than those at 28.  You mention a fellow called Holden from Parkfield.  Yes I have met him but he is in the Sea Draft & I don’t see him much.  You see people you know occasionally.

Yesterday more Lancashire recruits arrived and I immediately recognised Rushworth, that fellow that used to play the piano at the Grammar School concerts.  He was looking very downhearted.  I was glad to see an old Grammar boy to put him in the run of things a little.  The weather here is wretched at present but as we are inside mostly it makes no difference. I am going to see Mrs Bennet tonight.  They asked me to visit them last Sunday but I went to Cramptons.  I don’t know anything certain about Lancashire leave as yet but expect to do so tomorrow & will wire you on.

You need not put Misc Signals on letters now, only Wireless School just as at the top of this note.  You say your letters are a bit hard to read.  I don’t find them so and can generally decipher them correctly.

****holidays seem to be going on as usual but there will be none for me this year. I have no word from J Lomas as yet & my book has got lost I am afraid. Make enquiries at the PO at MJ & see if they can trace it.  I have ample cash to get home with if I am allowed to come.  We are having a lecture on electricity this afternoon from the Lieutenant in charge.  I find Semaphore Signalling rather easy & I shall pass the test in this branch easily I think.  I have had a letter from an old school pal of mine who got my address from Quarmley and also a field card from Penley.  Have you heard from Smith yet?  Let me know when Fred Matthews arrives home & I will get leave that week certain if I don’t get it this week.  I am still enjoying the best of health & like the life much better than at first.

I suppose Ellen & Fanny are still at Chester & Pricilla at Blackpool.

Hope all are well.

Best Love to all



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