25 August 1916 – 1st Wireless test coming up; another Zeppelin raid.

Friday August 25 1916

My dear Mother & Father

Some more scrawl just to let you know that I am still very much alive & kicking. I am now in the Wireless School and am trying to solve the mysteries of dots and dashes.  I am falling into things slowly but surely and my only hope is to pass next Thursdays test.  I am very interested in the subject and if I get next Thursday over it won’t be my fault if I get the order of the boot.  I prefer it vastly to Squad drill and what makes it more enjoyable is that we are all fortunate in having a splendid fellow as our instructor.  He will tell you anything but it depends on yourself to a great extent.  I shall have to compete against Postal Telegraphists and men whose business it was before the war, but with a bit of luck I shall pull through.  If I do it will be due to my own exertions mostly, and will mean night work seriously for 2-3 months.  I don’t mind that, my only wish is to pass in the subject, & I shall strive for this end.  We had a real Zepp scare last night; same procedure as before, sleep in blue suits.  I got quickly to sleep but alas at 2.30 AM my slumbers were rudely disturbed by a bugle call and we cleared out of the buildings and into the grounds with all possible speed.  The sight that greeted us there was very real I can tell you, Searchlights, flashing all over the sky.  No raiders were seen here (some say they saw one)  but we could plainly see and hear the anti-aircraft guns rattling away.  It was indeed a little trying at first but we were soon ordered back to bed and nothing further disturbed our rest.  I can sleep on a clothes line now and could go to sleep with any sort of row going on.  I have got a note from Alf Crampton and am going to see him & family on Sunday all being well.  They are all well and he tells me that his is assistant Traffic manager to0 a London firm & has a decent berth.  He is badged and starred and so is out of this job so far.  I will say more when I have paid him a visit.  I am certain of leave next week end if they cross Lancashire off the black list but not otherwise. Perhaps I shall know something later but will let you know something definite.  Hoping everyone is alright and as well as I am.

Best love to all                      James




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