23 August 1916 – Has got into the Wireless section; got two months to learn it all and pass the exams.

Wednesday August 23 1916

Dear Mother

Just a line to let you know how I am getting along.  I put in my request for a definite transfer to the wireless section and within 2 ½ hours of putting it in to the office I was receiving my first lesson on receiving messages.  My SubLieu used his influence on my behalf and this settled the business.  What makes it better is that I am amongst my pals in the same class.  I have a vast amount to learn and the ret of the class are 3 days ahead of me as they went into the  School on Monday last.  We have to be able to receive 8 words a minute by next Thursday or we are sent out of the wireless into the Sea draft as Seamen and Gunners etc.  I don’t even know whether I shall be able to pass or not but I can only do my best.  You will find a book on Magnetism and Electricity on my bookshelf upstairs.  Send it me along at once as I want to swat up a little electricity in my spare time. (not much to spare I can assure you).  We also have to know Semaphore and are expected to pass the lot in 2 months.  I have something on I can tell you but I shall try my utmost.  The trouble is they don’t give any second chances.  I don’t mind as I have been persistent and it just shows you can get your way a little if you only have the pluck to try.  I am in the pink and feeling very fit. Hoping you are all well at M J.

I had a letter from Uncle Ernest Hebden tonight. Love to all.  in haste for post.

Yours sincerely



Push the book along



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