18 August 1916 – Leave cancelled; Received 2/- (10p) pay

August 18 1916

Dear Mother & Father

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still in the pink. Some of our class are gong into the Signal School on Monday next but my turn has not come yet.  I am glad now I did not arrange to come home this week end because my leave would not have been granted.  All leave has been stopped until we get into the Signal school so I cannot be certain about leave on Sept 1st.  I was included in a party to help a draft of wireless recruits to carry their kit to the station and imagine my surprise to find a Middleton lad John Dyson (one of Fred’s chums) amongst them.  His brother is the salesman at the Townley Mill.  I had not much time with him only the usual greetings.  He was off to Dover with about a dozen others.

We have received our pay this morning 2/-. Have you heard anything about my allotment yet ?  I chum on with a young chap off 22 for the most part.  He comes from Helmshore and was in business along with his brother as a Yarn agent in Manchester.  All districts are represented in our class, Lancashire, Tyneside, Sheffield, Carnarvon, London and several others.  Take them on the whole they are a fine set of chaps and very decent to get on with.

There is a fellow here from Wensleydale, tell Olive.

Hoping you are all as well as I am.

Best love to al



I have heard from John Bromley that J Wild of Partingtons was found dead in bed a few days ago.  Dad has the laugh of him now.  It shows which kills soonest whiskey or war.



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