16 August 1916 – All classes of people.

16 August 1916

Dear Everybody

I got your letter containing notes from everybody and I must thank all contributors. The 10/- note was quite safe.  You letter was very interesting reading and I was glad for the news of the boys.  I also note news of D Gray and also the 2/- incident.  You say you have been instructed to draw 2/- per week at the PO.  If this is all you draw the Navy wont have allowed anything extra.  I am not so sure about them doubling the 2/-.  But you will see and you must tell me what happens at once.  I had about 15/- left so with the 10/- I now have 25/-.  I shall be all right for ordinary circumstances but if I come on leave it will soon vanish.  Things are much the same and I am sill smiling and A1.  We have had more working party today.  Not so much party but plenty of working.  Perhaps Olive would like to see me washing but Olive would have worse things than washing to do if she appeared at this depot.  You meet plenty of chaps absolutely broke.  I helped an old Gr*** Chap out last week. I got the Guardian alright.  You say write to Uncle Ernest.  I enclose a reply he has sent me.  You will see that he wishes to borrow my grid.  I don’t mind but tell dad it will want a new inner tube in the back tyre before he can have it.  Just ask him to return it with a little grease on so it won’t go rusty.  I have received a PO from Willie Higgins.  I will write him later.  Let me know when Fred arrives home.  I went to Brixton last night; it is a busy suburb with very fine shops.  You don’t see many electric cars but mostly buses.  What cars you see are driven from underneath the track.

I have got my mac and it has already turned two showers. John wants a monkey.  Does he want a live one ?  I have not seen any monkeys about here but expect going to Regents Park Zoo when it is my Saturday out.  We are booked for the Signal school next Monday but I don’t think we shall get there for 2 or 3 weeks yet. The weather this last day or two has been showery with sunshine intermittent.  We bolt under the trees when the rain comes on.  We are still doing Physical training on the Great Football ground and our instructor is a thorough gentleman, no bully or swear at all and from his entire behaviour is an educated man.  You meet both classes but it is needless to say which you prefer.  Glad to hear of Uncle Robert and Auntie Ellen and every body mentioned.  I don’t think there is anything more at present so will close with best love to everybody




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