14 August 1916 – Hoping to get into the Wireless School; has met a Methodist Church friend; laundry.

14 August 1916

J Simpson

Miscellaneous Signals. No 50 Mess

Royal Naval Depot

Crystal Palace

London SE

Dear Mother & Father

Things are pretty much the same with me day by day. We are going on with squad drill for a week or two yet and by the time I come home on leave I expect to be in the Signal school.  The work there will be more interesting and will require more brains.  We have to pass a semaphore and Morse test before going into the Wireless School.  I went to Church parade yesterday morning and also on my own at night.  When I came out a lady stopped me and asked me where I came from and all about myself.  She turned out to be a retired Wesleyan Minister’s wife and as we were walking towards the Palace we met the old Parson himself.  His name is Bennett and he used to be in the Ashton in Lyne circuit.  He said he knew Rev W I Baker of our circuit very well.  After a short conversation they would have me go to supper and I accepted the invitation as they were so pressing.  They have a lovely house and I had a splendid supper of rice pudding and fruit with lemonade to drink.  It was really a treat to have things served on a table cloth.  They made quite a fuss of me  and said I was at liberty to go whenever I wished.  There is no stopping out late here.  Everyone must be in by 9-15 and must be in bed by 10 O’clock.  I suppose everything is the same with you.  My appetite is calming down somewhat now and I am rather relaxed but am glad for that.  I think that box I asked you to make had better be left over for the present as a friend of mine tells me that they have confiscated all loose articles this morning.  I will let you know certain in a day or two.

They are very changeable with their orders and instructions. One minute they say you can do one thing, the next they deny they said it.  We have some fine seaplanes just come into the Palace for the RNAS.  If the Germans have anything to beat them they have some good ones.  I suppose Ellen & Fanny will now be at Chester.  I sent a suit of Ducks to the YMCA Laundry and they were returned with the bottoms frayed.  I therefore decided to wash my own. I washed a suit last Sat and they are cleaner than those done at the Laundry.  We have no hot water so I shall send my flannel shirts to the Laundry but shall wash the rest myself.

Hoping you are all well I will close with best love to all




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