12 August 1916 – Food. food and more food

12 August 1916

J Simpson


OS Misc Signals

No 50 Mess

Crystal Palace


Dear Mother & Father

I got your large parcel this afternoon (Sat) and must thank you very much for it. There is some really tip-top fodder included.  Currant, Parkin & Short cakes, Lemonade, Chocolate, Lemonade Powder, Socks & thirst quenchers.  The short cake is very good and is the only sort I have sampled as yet but it was a bit broken up.  All of course is welcome but what arrives in the best condition is the large slices & the lunch buns and I will be satisfied with these alone.  You are not allowed to make any crumbs in the sleeping quarters so the firmer cake is best.  Don’t send the lemonade powder or the thirst quenchers as I prefer the Malted Milk tablets for they are in such a suitable form for eating.  Everything is welcome, I am only telling you what I prefer if you send me anything in this line.  I shall have an ample supply for one  week, too much if anything.  The large slice of currant cake would be quite enough as I generally eat a piece for supper & a piece for early morning.  I say this as it will save a little.  I shall eat all that comes but the real trouble is storage.  If you leave anything at all loose it has a nasty habit of disappearing in mystery.  I have planted this weeks with ease and will do full justice to it in due course.  Don’t imagine I am on the borders of starvation.  I am far from that.  Our best meals are Breakfast & Tea.  There are no luxuries and only plain fare.  You have heaps then. The meal that is worst is dinner but this is nothing to complain about.  The trouble is you are so much in the open air that you are always ready for meals.  Only one sort of food is served and you get that or nothing.  You eat it whatever it is without the slightest murmur.  We have really decent breakfasts.  Sunday plate of Boiled ham, Monday 2 kippers, Tuesday Polony, Wednesday 2 sausages, Thursday smoked bacon, & so on & each man has ¼ of a loaf each meal, tea & breakfast.  I suppose Ellen & Fanny are at P Hall now.  I hope they will have good weather.  I bought my oilskin yesterday and it is a really good one and is just the thing for Dad. I will bring it home when I come on leave.

Remember me to all enquirers and don’t forget to put Mess 50 on replies. Best Love to everyone at home especially little John who seems to have sent the parcel.

Yours Affectionately


What do you think about my idea as to leave in last letter ?



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