6 August 1916 – Rare letter to Grandma; trip in to London.

6 August 1916


J Simpson


Misc Signals 50 Mess

Crystal Palace, London S.E.

Dear Grandma

I must thank you very much for your very kind gift which arrived this morning. It will come in very useful but I am not hard up either for food, clothes or money. It is very nice to think that the “Old Folks at Home” don’t forget you when you are miles and miles away.

You see many strange things round here. Yesterday three balloons came over.  They were very low and I got a splendid view of them.  Aeroplanes come over very often especially on a Saturday.  I went to London yesterday and got inside the House of Parliament.  I also visited the Tower of London and saw many interesting sights but the most splendid sight of all was the view of the Crown Jewels.  These are all the things the King & Queen wear on very special occasions and are mostly made of gold and very costly stones.  It was quite an event for me to visit the capital of England but all the same I would rather have visited the stables in Moston Road* and had a look at all the people at home.

Hoping you are quite well. I will close with best love and wishes

From James

Remember me to Auntie Ellen & Uncle Robert

This is quite a rare letter to James’s Grandmother, who lived next door at No 26 Grimshaw Lane, Middleton Junction.  James has not dated it, apart from it being written on a Sunday. but we think this is quite early in his training, so probably was written on Sunday 6 August 1916.

Moston Road is a road that joins Grimshaw Lane, in Middleton Junction, so effectively was around the corner and must have been where the Simpsons stabled their horses for pulling their carts.



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